Night-time Care of Dentures

Every night the dentures should be cleaned with a brush. Never use abrasive powders or toothpaste; these can scratch the surface making them more difficult to clean.

You can use antibacterial soft hand soap and your toothbrush, rinse the dentures off really well. Make sure that you hold the denture securely in your hand when brushing and fill the sink with a few inches of water or put a wash cloth in the bottom of the sink to avoid breakage.

Cleaning Your Dentures at Night

You can use any type of denture cleanser to clean your dentures. You can choose between powders, liquid or tablets. You mix them according to the manufacture's instructions in your denture bath. Soaking dentures for a few minutes is not usually sufficient, even though the denture looks clean. Soaking dentures for several hours or over night is recommended.