Denture Client Testimonials

I can't tell you how thankful I am to Lilly Denture Center and Patrick Carbone for my new smile I have never smiled so, much and everyone who see's me tells me how beautiful my smile is. I know when I first came to your office you suggested that I get implants in my lower denture I was really skeptical about getting the implants because, of the cost but, it was the best thing I ever did. It took awhile to complete the whole process but, you kept telling me that it would be great when everything was finished. My new teeth fit so, well that I forget they are in. I don't know many people where I live but, you will get an A+ referral from me if anyone ever asks.
~ S.Meyers

Before, I came to your office I had all of my teeth pulled and dentures made three years ago for the first time the office that I went to made me three sets of dentures and they could never get it right I could wear my upper but, it looked awful and I could never get used to the lower denture. They basically said it was the best they could do. A friend of mine suggested that I go to your office because, she said you were good. I was very scared to start over with someone new because, of my last experience I was convinced that I may never be able to wear dentures. You told me that you would give it a try and make me happy. I felt very comfortable in your office and decided I would give it another try. I am so, happy with my new dentures I can't tell you how it has changed my life for the last three year I have been hiding my mouth and now all I do is smile it has given me my confidence back and I can now chew again for years all I could eat was soft food and now I can enjoy the foods I love it feels so, good to eat again. Thank you so, much I will never forget what you have done for me.
~ T. Dixon

Do your dentures hurt, are they worn out, to lose, all yellow, or just don't fit right? Ever felt like trying to find a good Denturist is like a visit to a used car lot. Well don't feel alone, so did I, and I have a drawer full of don't work, don't fit right or work dentures to prove it until I met Patrick at Lilly Denture Center.

Patrick is one of the very few people I have ever recommended to anyone let alone family or friends. But everyone that I have has said the same thing. Some people are naturals at certain things and this is no exception. I have a drawer full of dentures that I have had made over the years from so called specialist in this field, and they aren't cheap.

Like so many of you I am gun shy of these high priced experts too. But then I accidently ran across Patrick and the Lilly Denture Center in the phone book. And I can't begin to say how glad I am for it. This man is a natural born Denture Maker with an instinct to be able to look at peoples mouths and tell exactly what they need and be able to give it to them. He is dedicated to his patients and with their best interest at heart. His prices are fair and the quality of his work is great. If there is a problem he will address it and fix it. You don't leave until your dentures not only fit right, look like you want them too, but work in the manor they they are intended. Patrick is friendly at the same time totally professional and interested in only one thing. And that is you get what is right for you at a fair price.

I've worn dentures since an injury in Viet Nam forced me to. But it wasn't until I met Patrick and he built me a new set of dentures that I can finally eat all the things I love and be able to smile again and show my teeth. From my mother in law to many of my friends who have since been to your office, Thank You !
~ Larry Lake, Special Forces